We are For The Love Of (FTLO)


Born out of a passion for creativity FTLO was established by Ivor Noyek & Shane O'Driscoll in November 2008. FTLO is an international creative community and platform to showcase talent, both upcoming & established, via events, exhibitions, workshops and networking opportunities in accessible and contemporary environments.

FTLO includes anyone working in any creative media; art, design, music, writing, photography, film etc and encompasses professionals, freelancers, students, hobbyists and everything in between. Anyone making work because they Love it.

FTLO isn't just for creative types, it opens the doors of the creative world for all to enjoy, experience and connect.

Ivor (Brooklyn, NYC)
Ivor has a both a BA Honours degree in Visual Communications and a Postgraduate in Advertising & Digital Communications. In 2013 he was nominated for the IAPI One to Watch Award. Ivor's work has been exhibited in the National Print Museum as part of Design Week. In 2014 & '17 he received a US Artist Visa reserved for 'Individuals of Extraordinary Ability in their Field'. He is currently working as a Freelance Associate Creative Director in New York City. Ivor lists one of his greatest moments as when he did 1,000 keepy-uppys in some random football pitch with no witnesses.  www.ivornoyekcreative.com

Shane (Dublin/Cork, Ireland)
Shane has a BA Degree in Visual Communications from Cork IT and is a member of the Cork Printmakers. Shane has exhibited his design work as part of Design Week 2008 & 2011 and has also exhibited his artwork in New York, Argentina and throughout Ireland. Shane has an infamous affliction to haircuts but must face his fear due to the pressure of what is considered 'socially acceptable grooming'.  Interview with Shane